Friday, August 24, 2007

Wat Nong Pah Pong : Ubon Ratchathani

Wat Nong Pa Phong is a mediation center with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere where a number of foreigners practice Buddhism. The center is located on Highway No. 2178 about 6 kilometers from the city.

Wat Nong Pa Phong and Wat Pa Nanachat, provide a special opportunity for non-Thai speakers to find out more about Buddhism and to experience the insight meditation (Vipassana-style of meditation). For those interested, it is recommended that you can pay a visit to the temple of your choice and discuss with foreign monks beforehand. The participation in the meditation course may require some commitments. Call Wat Nong Pa Phong at tel. 045 322729 for more information. Staff speaks English.

Necessities to take with you when staying in Buddhist temple/monastery/retreat Centre:
The following items are suggested as useful to take:

- Clothes:Loose fitting, easily cared for. Simple sandals and some loss fitting tops, especially T-shirts are highly recommended. An umbrella can be useful in the rainy season. In the cold season a sweater or two would be practical. Also a blanket or sleeping bag.

- Medicine:Pills for diarrhea and constipation, mosquito repellent and coils, tiger balm or other ointment for bites. Some kind of antibiotic or disinfectant for cuts, band-aids, minor first-aid stuff. Eye wash can be very useful. Anti-malaria preventives.

- Food items:Most of the temples/monasteries provide both food and accommodation. However, there are some useful items you might bring along but not necessary: thermos, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, ovaltine, hot plate, cup and kettle.

- Toilet articles:Toilet paper, soap, mirror, all toilet articles. Helpful to have a small scrub brush for laundry.

- Tips: Behave with full awareness, dress conservatively, have much patience to yourself and others.


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