Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wat Mahathat : Phetchabun

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Situated in Muang Phetchabun municipality. This monastery is an ancient temple which H.R.H. Prince Damrong presumed that this monastery might be constructed during Sukhothai period. Wat Mahathat has the important objects of worship such as,
Phum Khao Binth styled pagoda has been presumed that it might be constructed about B.E. 1926 (1383). This pagoda is a place that comprises Buddha's relics, Orrahan's (saint) ashes, and small images of Buddha in several styles. Two buddha images of the U-Thong period whose laps are 36 inches wide. One is housed in the main chapel and the other is housed in the vihara of Wat Mahathat.

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Si Thep Historical Park : Phetchabun

Some 130 kilometres south of Phetchabun on Highway No. 21, and with another 9 kilometres after a left turn, is the Si Thep Historical Park. Si Thep is an ancient town where many architectural structures still remain indicative of its past prosperity during the 11th-18th Buddhist Centuries. It was once the centre of contact between the Dvaravati kingdom in the Central Plain basin and the Khmer kingdom in the Northeast. A twin-city, there were over one hundred ancient sites all built with bricks and laterite, most of which have crumbled. There are also remains of several ponds spread out all over the area. Most of the ancient relics recovered are parts of architectural nature such as elaborate lintels, plastered designs and Sema stone (used to mark out limits of Buddhist temples) and human skeletons still adorned with ornamental pieces.

The admission fee is 100 baht.

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The Old City Park : Phichit


It is located on Phichit - Wang Chik Road, about 8 kms. From Phichit township. It is believed that thes area used to be the old Phichit town approximatedly 900 years ago. In the park, there is an arboretum, a peaceful reloxing place for local people. In addition, there are Ko Si Mala, Tham Chalawan and sculptures of important features from a Thai literatur "Kraithong"

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Wat Khao Rup Chang : Phichit

Wat Khao Rup Chang
is located along the Phichit-Taphan Hin road some 15 kilometres from town. On the hilltop is an old, Ayutthaya-style Chedi built of bricks but with its top part now broken. There is also a Mondop, the wall murals of which have largely faded away. The Mondop house a bronze Holy Relic.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Phra Ram Ratchaniwet Palace : Phetchaburi

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Phra Ram Ratchaniwet
(Ban Puen Palace) is a palace which King Chulalongkorn graciously built Ban Puen in 1910. Local people usually call it "Wang Ban Puen". The building shows the glamour of the Western architect and interior designer. At present, the palace is under the supervision of the Army campus of Phetchaburi province. Open daily during office hours.
This palace, originally called Ban Puen Palace, was located at Tambon Ban Mo Amphoe Muang Changwat Phetchaburi. King ChulachomWao, Rama V, desired to have it built as a rainy season palace with his own money. The plot of land was bought from a villager and the design was made by a German, Mr.Karl Deurring. Admiral HRH Prince Boriphat of Nakhonsawan and HRH Prince Damrong were assigned to monitor the construction. The palace is of European design and construc-tion began in 1909 and completed in 1916. The palace was named during the reign of King Rama Vl as Son Phetch Prasat Palace. The name was changed to be Phraram Ratchaniwet in the year 1918 when it was used as a palace to welcome and accommodate state visitors.

During the reign of King Rama VII the place was utilized, by the royal command, as Boy Scout Commanding School, Agricultural Teacher Training College, Tambon Public School, etc. In the year 1986, the Royal Thai Army requested the cooperation of the Fine Arts Department to renovate the palace spending the budget of the Fine Arts Department to the amount of 2.8 million baht and the budget of the Royal Thai Army to the amount of 8.3 million baht. The renovation was completed in the year 1987. It is expected that this palace will be used as the Phetchaburi National Museum.


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