Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reclining Buddha at Wat Lokayasutharam : Ayutthaya

[ photo credit to thai-tour.com]

Wat Lokkayasutharam This monastery is over a kilometre behind Wat Suanluangsopsawanadjacent to Wat Worachettharam. Accessible by the road inside the compound of the Distillery Plant, or through the road behind the Phlapphla Trimuk (three-gabled roof pavilion), It is in the area of the Acient Palace passing Wat Woraphot and Wat Worachettharam going to the siteof the large reclining Buddha, made of brick and covered with plaster, approximately 29 metres long. Many large hexagonal pillar ruins near the image are believed to be the ruins of the Ubosot.

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