Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wat Ming Mueang : Nan

Wat Ming Mueang
is on Suriyaphong Road. It was constructed in 1857. Its distinguishing point is the stucco reliefs on the outer wall of the ubosot, presenting the skill of the Chiang Saen craftsmen. The patterns are very exquisite. Within the ubosot are mural paintings depicting the lifestyles of the Nan people by present-day local craftsmen. Moreover, within the compound of the temple stands the city pillar in a cruciform-plan pavilion at its front. The city pillar is 3 metres high. Its base is decorated with engraved and gilded wooden design. The top of the pillar was engraved into 4 faces of the Brahma God, representing Phrom Wihan (Brahmavihara) 4 – the four sublime states of mind; namely, Metta - kindness, Karuna - compassion, Mudita – sympathy, and Upekkha - equanimity.

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