Friday, June 1, 2007

Prang Kaek : Lopburi's oldest monument

Prang Khaek is the oldest monument of Lop Buri and the oldest Khmer-style Hindu Shrine to be found in Thailands central region. A fascinating small compound of Khmer remains, it consists of the three brick prangs constructed without adjoining corridors. Prang Khaek was restored by King Narai the Great in the 17th century. Recently restored by the Fine Arts Department, it is located on Vichayen Road, near the Narai Ratchaniwet Palace.


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Anonymous said...

Curious where that comes from, "the oldest..." Butted up against the Monkey Wat, San Phra Kan Shrine, which is west and across the street from Wat Sam Yod, are the remains of what is called the Kala Shrine, dating back hundreds of year before any of the other structures in the area, and speculated at sometime before the Dvaravati Period. Anyone have anything to add?