Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wat Pa Sak : Chiang Rai

Located outside the city walls, some 200 metres from the Tourist Service Centre, this deserted temple, with ornamental stucco motifs, is regarded as being one of the most beautiful examples of Lanna architecture in northern Thailand.

In 1295, Prince Saen Phu built this temple to contain Buddha's relics. He also had 300 teak trees planted in the temple compound.
Wat Pa Sak sits on 16 acre of land. There are 22 historic remains on the temple grounds. The main bell-shaped chedi has five tapering spires. The chedi at Wat Pa Sak are considered to be the best physical condition as well as the most beautiful of Lanna Style.

The pattern and design on the chedi reflect artistic development in Chiang Saen, revealing its original adoption of Sukhothai, Pagan (Phukam), and Hariphunchai artistric styles.
Through the process of cultural transformation, a unique Chiang Saen style was realized. It has since become the prototype of Lanna chedis.

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