Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Buddha image of Wat Si Chum : Sukhothai Province

The Buddha image of Wat Si Chum ( Phra Achana )
[ photo credit to : traveleradvisor ]

Wat Si Chum
This lies about 1,500 meters north of Wat Mahathat and was originally surrounded by a moat. A square mondop is the main sanctuary and contains a monumental stucco-over-brick Buddha image in the attitude Subduing Mara, called "Phra Achana". This Buddha measures 11.30 meters from knee to knee.

The mondop is 32 meters square and 15 meters high, and the walls are 3 meters thick. There is a passageway in the left inner wall itself which leads to the above crossbeam. On the ceiling of the passageway are more than fifty engraved slate slabs illustrating Jataka scenes.

At Wat Si Chum there is a mondop that houses a large stucco image of the Buddha in the Marnvichai position, as described in the first stone inscription. A tunnel has been made leading to the temple's south wall, where there is a stariway to the roof. Over the ceiling are 20 stone pillars, with inscriptions in the Thai alphabet of the Sukhothai Period

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