Saturday, March 22, 2008

Prasat Sikhoraphum : Surin Province

Si Khoraphum khmer sanctuary located at Tambon Ra Ngaeng, Amphoe Sikhoraphum, 34 kilometers from the provincial town along the Surin Sikhoraphum route with a left turn of 800 meters at Amphoe Prasat.

Prasat Sikhoraphum is composed of 5 prang (pagoda), with the principal structure measuring 32 meters high. Beautiful designs are engraved onto the columns. It is believed that the site had been renovated once during the Ayutthaya Period.This site was built around the 17th Buddhist century.

Prasart Sikhoraphum
is opened every day from 07.30 A.M. - 06.00 P.M. Admission fee is 30 Baht.

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