Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wat Phra Sing : Chiangrai

Wat Phra Sing. Built around 1385 in the reign of Prince Haha Phrom (brother of Prince Kuena of Chiang Mai) who ruled Chiang Rai from 1345 to 1400, this temple once housed Phra Phuttasihing (now is in Chiang Mai).

The temple is also well-known reflects a traditional architectural style, with wooden portals beautifully carved into a delicate pattern showing the interplay of earth, water, wind and fire, by the hand of local Chiang Rai craftsmen. The pattern was designed by one of Thailand's renowned artists,, Thaiwan Datchani.The temple itself housed a 5" by 24" replica of Buddha's footprint believed to be carved in the reigh of Phraya Mang Rai, with an inscription in the ancient Khmer alphabet which reads "Kusala Thumma (Dhamma), Akusala Thamma (Dhamma)" , to remind people of the Dhama which instigates good deeds and refrains from undesirable deeds.

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