Monday, March 16, 2009

Wat Wichian Bamrung : Phetchabun

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Wat Wichian Bamrung
is located at Tha Rong Sub-district, near the Wichian Buri District Office by taking Highway No. 21 (Lom Sak – Saraburi Route). Within the compound of the temple is enshrined the biggest Wichian Buri Rattana Mingmongkhon Reclining Buddha Image of the province, with a length of 50 metres and height of 5 metres. The image lies outdoors facing towards the east. It was cast of cement and painted in gold. The image contains the relics of the Lord Buddha’s collarbone. Moreover, this temple is a location of the statues of King Naresuan the Great, Phra Suphan Kanlaya – his sister, and King Ekathotsarot – his brother. Besides, there is a Ruea Mat – a dredger with top cover, which was an engraving piece of a large timber tree dating to the Ayutthaya Kingdom with special characteristics. It was discovered in the Pa Sak River.

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Earl John said...

This is one country that culture and tradition where preserve. hope to see those cultural heritage like the temples of the area and should be preserved for the next generation. thanks for sharing this information.