Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wat Kanlayanamit : Bangkok

Phra Trairattananayok

This royal temple stands at the mouth of Bangkok Yai Canal on the southern bank. Chao Phraya Nikornbodin (To) donated land to erect this temple in A.D. 1765. Later he presented it to the King. King Rama III named it "Wat Kanlayanamit" and built Wihan which houses a large seated Buddha image named "Phra Trairattananayok" similar to the large Buddha image outside the walls of Ayutthya at Wat Phananchoeng.

King Rama IV built the library near the landing of Krom Somdej Phra Sri Sudarakse in A.D. 1865.

During the reign of King Rama V there was a renovation of this temple by Chao Phraya Rattanabodin (Rod) who was the son of Chao Phraya Nikornbodin.

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