Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thai Style Monk’s House at Wat Wang West : Nakhon Si Thamarat

It’s situated on Ratchadamnern Road on the area that is believed to be opposite the East Palace that belonged to Chaojom Prang. It used to be a park and later Chaophaya Nakhon (Noi) gave the East Palace and the park opposite to the temple so it became Wat Wang West (West Palace Temple). In 1888, Prakroo Kachad (Yong) and his disciples had built a set of monk’s house with 3 buildings consisted of gabled-roof, each roof connected to each other. The houses used carved- wooden partitions. The doors, windows and ventilators were decorated with unique Nakhon-style. In 1992 the Siam Architectural Society had picked

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