Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom : Lamphun

Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom
is the largest temple in the district, boasting a large Lanna-style Chedi and an extensive place of worship built in laterite by Karens living in the vicinity who were admirers of the highly revered Phra Kru Ba Chaiwongsa. The temple is about 5 kilometres off Highway No. 106 at Km. 47. About 2 kilometres from Li is a group of five old pagoda known as the Chedi Ha Duang The site is believed to have been an ancient town. Covering an area of over 1,000 square kilometres is the Mae Ping National Park. Its main feature is the Ping River, which flows through the forests in the park. On both sides are fertile forest-lands with sheer cliffs providing beautiful natural scenery. Certain parts of the waterway spread out to form reservoir-like bodies of water with numerous small islands and rapids.

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