Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wat Khao Khunpanom : Nakhon Si Thamarat

This temple is at Moo 3, Tambol Baan Koh, take Highway 4016 from the city to 21st Milestone pass Promloke Market, turn right into the street for another 2.5 km.

Wat Khao Khunpanom is an important temple in history and archaeology. It has caves with cement wall and markers like the city wall. The front wall is decorated with chinaware. Inside the caves are about 30 statues of Buddha made from copper and a copper Buddha’s footprint.

Some of the caves here are connected. It was assumed that this was the residency of King Taksin the Great but some said it was the recreation place of Princess Kaesinee the daughter of Chao Nara Suriyawong, who ruled Nakhonsithammarat from 1769 to 1776.

From the conversation of the monk at this temple, there are many who believe that this was the place King Taksin came to make merit with his followers after being abdicated from the throne. He later died while being a monk at this temple. On the walkway up the hill, there’s a Science Centre for Study of Khao Khunpanom to give knowledge in science, technology, environment and eco-tourism to the public.

The community of Khao Khumpanom is a cultural community. There are many activities such as boy-scout camping & meeting, tourism group to visit fruit orchards with bicycles, etc.

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