Sunday, April 19, 2009

Phra That Si Song Rak : Loei

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Phra That Si Song Rak
is located on the Phra That Si Song Rak bank of Man River about one kilometer away from Amphoe Dan Sai. Constructed in 1560, it commemorates the mutual cooperation between Krung Sri Ayutthaya and Krung Sri Satana Kanahut (Vientiane). The structure is about 30 meters high and its annual celebrations are attended by thousands of people.

Tips for visitors: As the pagoda is built for friendship and peace, red attire and red flowers are prohibited as the color denotes violence.

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expatudon08 said...

my blog on ban dung issan shows some photos and video of are local temple Wat Kham Chanot is a medium sized buddhist temple outside of ban dung town. a short drive of 10 to 15 minutes the well kept island setting a separate part of the temple inside the lush forest of palms which is one of the best temple area.s I have been to in Thailand
regards john

Brad said...

Beautiful !

john said...

Beautiful certainly sums it up brad the history in these buildings makes them really interesting places to visit