Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Prasat Hin Ban Phuluang : Surin

[ photo credits to www.surinpao.org ]

Prasat Hin Ban Phuluang is a Hindu sanctuary of Baphuon Period dating back to the 16 th-17th century B.E. between the reigns of Jayavarman I and Jayavarman VI of the ancient Khmer Kindgon. A small sandstone Prang on laterite base, Prasat Hin Ban Phuluang was built and sculpted with fine craftsmanship. The pediment above the entrance depicts a scene of Krishna lifting Govardhana Mountain from the Hindu Story 'Krishnavatar', and incarnation of the God Vishnu. The God Indra on elephant back centers the stone lintel. There is a pond on either side of the walkway to the entrance.
Prasat Hin Ban Phluang is situated at Ban Phluang, Tambon Kang Aen, Amphoe Prasat, 4 kilometers from the Town Hall along the Surin Prasat Chong Chom route with a left turn between kilometer markers 34-35 for another 900 meters.

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how'd you get there? from kao lak?