Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wat Muang Kao Saen Tum :Trat Province

Wat Muang Kao Saen Tum

in Khao Tah Moh, Moo 7 Baan Erem. Tambol Praneet. The temple is 38 km far from Amphoe Khao Saming Office. In the southern area lies dark brown stone ingots of different shapes from 4 to 9 sides. The stones are 30-150 cm. in length and weigh from 10-100 Km. The way the stones are put and piled up suggests that the area once used to be a place of worship. When Knocked upon, some stones give the sound resembling that of belts. The Historical site is believed to be built in pre-BC time.

source: moohin

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