Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wat Phra Yuen Buddhabahtyukol : UTTARADIT

Wat Phra Yuen Buddhabahtyukol Is about 200 meters away from Wat Phrataen Sila-at. This is an ancient temple which has been in existence along with Wat Phrataen Sila-at and is located on the same hill but on different doi. As legends tell, that that Lord Buddha has traveled here and stood on top of this hill so the footprints of his left and right feet have appeared on the same laterite base.

These Buddha footprints are 1.50 meters high above ground and have lotus base supporting and there is a Mondhop covering the Buddha footprint.
At the side of mondhop there is remnant of laterite stone, which is the base of old, chedi having the shape like Khaobin shape of Sukhothai period. In the area of this Wat Phrayuen Buddhabahtyukol still there is a small vihara where Maravichai posture bronze casted Buddha image is situated. It is Sukhothai art Buddha image called Luang Phor Buddharangsi

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Racquel said...

impressive photos! temples really fascinate me... I hope I can finally see the Wat Phra Yuen someday.. coz I'm currently in Africa, enjoying deserts for now.. :)