Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wat Wang Wiwekaram ( Mon Temple ) : Kanchanaburi

Wat Wang Wiwekaram

The temple was built on the donation of villagers who had faith in Abbot Uttama. It is the shrine of Mon's pride and the most important temple of Sangkhlaburi. The landmark is the59-meter high replica of Chedi Buddhakhaya. The top of the Chedi contains Buddha's relics from Sri Lanka. The shrine houses "Luang Por Khao", a large white marble Buddha image. Near the lake is an exotic bell tower built in Mon architecture.

9 Kilometres from the town is the famous Wang Wiwekaram Temple,diocese of the revered Uttama Abbot.Near here,tourists may rent low cost accommodations at sangkhlaburi cottages beside a running brook. Wat Wang Wiwekram

This extensive temple on the southerm outskirts of Sangkhlaburi edges the Khao Laem reservoir. The compolex is constructed in an unusual mix of thai,Indian and Burmese Buddhist architectural styles.and the abbot "Luang Pho Uttama" is highly revered among local people including tribal folko and Burmese.

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