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Wat Chedi Sao :LAMPANG

Wat Jedde Sao is the temple with 20 white pagodas where the gold buddha : sansae was erected. This temple is only 6 kms. from town on Lamplan-Chaehom road.

A short distance from Lampang, set amid farms and rice fields, is Wat Chedi Sao. The name literally means "the Temple of Twenty Chedis" and one look at the 20 stupas in the temple courtyard makes it easy to understand the orgin of the name.

The origin of the temple itself is less clear. A legend recounted at the temple says that two monks from India came to the area about 2,000 years ago to spread the teachings of Buddha. A local prince was much impressed and asked each of the monks for ten hairs. He then built the temple, placing one hair in each chedi.

Some time later, two brothers dug two wells to honor the two monks. Both wells filled with clear water, and can still be seen in the grounds of the temple today.

Statues of mythical gods and creatures are dotted around the chedis, including beasts from both Chinese and Hindu legends. There are also Buddha images in many different styles, including the rare 'emaciated' Buddha shown at right.

Behind the chedis is a small two storey museum. The upper floor displays artefacts recovered in and around the temple. The lower floor contains many things donated to the temple for monk's use over the years, and includes old fashioned bicycles, 16mm movies, old phonograph records and, gathering dust in the back, an old Macintosh Plus computer.

Behind the temple's main hall is a smaller richly decorated wiharn that contains a much revered Buddha image. The fifteenth century cast image was discovered by a farmer in his rice field in 1983 and is said to contain the skull of the Lord Buddha in its head.

Wat Sri-Ron-Muang

Wat Sri-Rong-muang, Wat-Pa Fang, Wat Chai Mong Kon and Wat Mon San Tan are all Burmese-Style temples. Take special note their beautifully carved, tiered roofs.

Wang Kaew Waterfall One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand is only 130 kms. from town. Here water cascades down 110 tiers from the top of the mountain. Near the summit live a hilltribe people known as the "Yao"- one of largest minority groups in Thailand.



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