Sunday, April 15, 2007

Muang Tam Sanctuary : Buriram

Muang Tam Sanctuary

was built during 9th to the 10th Century. It is at Ban Khok Muang which lies at the foot of a mountain 8 km. away from Phanom Rung. The road to the sanctuary is entirely paved with asphalt. Muang Tam Sanctuary is a brick structure with 5 pagodas surrounded by laterite ponds. At the corner of each pond is a sandstone five-headed Naga that stretches around the four directions of the pond, these are plain headed Nagas. The sandstone lintel and doorway are beautifully carved. The compound is encircled by a crooked terrace and a laterite wall. Historically, there is no evidence as to who build this sanctuary, the lintel shows a Hindu deity
characterizing Khmer Baphuan style of the 11th c. (1017-1087), it might be argued that the temple was built for Hindu community. Muang Tam Sanctuary opens everyday from 06.00-18.00 hrs. Admission fee is 30 baht per person.


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