Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wat Phumin : Nan Unseen Thailand

A uniquely designed and the most interesting temple in Nan is Wat Phumin, which has a 4 - portico single building housing both the Bot and Viharn. Four Buddha images with their backs against one another are installed in the main hall facing the four directions. The doors are delicately carved in splendid by Lanna craftsmen. Wat Phumin underwent a major restoration in 1867 since it was build some 270 years ago. It is believed that the wall murals were commissioned during this time.

The wall paintings, in Thai Lue style, are considered highly valuable and depict legends concerning the Lord Buddha, as well as local legends and the local way of life, which include native attires, weaving and commerce with foreign countries.

source: moohin

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